Wow, Where Have I Been?

Yeah, it’s only been a couple of months and I disappeared off the face of the Earth eh!

Well, I managed to reach my goal weight of 160-lbs on May 19, 2012 which was about 10-months in the making.  I have been striving to maintain my weight now between 160 – 165lbs.  I have been enjoying “comfort foods” at a minimum focusing my efforts on fruits, vegetables, and lean meats (fish, chicken, turkey).  So this is what I look like before and after:



I also have to keep my activity level on the up & up to make sure I maintain a decent caloric budget.  I feel great, younger, more energy, sleep better, and fit better into clothes.  I tell people that losing weight is the easy part – maintaining it is another story!


Be well my friends and family!  Thanks for your support.



~ by Aeroman76 on August 1, 2012.

2 Responses to “Wow, Where Have I Been?”

  1. respect !

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