Bad News

My childhood friend’s (Eddie) dad passed away yesterday after being recently diagnosed with cancer.  Please include his dad (Epifanio Alvarez) in your thoughts and prayers.

As some of you know, Eddie and I go way back.  I was a year old when my parents bought their first house next door to Eddie and his family.  I grew up admiring the metal work Eddie’s dad did (he was a skilled welder).  We lived next door for about 17-years so they were our 2nd family.  He and the family would always come over to our birthday parties and we had a blast.  He used to give us rides to school and was always cool.  Later in the years, when we learned to drive, I would pull up with an old car and he would check it out.  I knew he had an appreciation for old American cars (he owned an old International wagon) and it was great to talk to him about the ’51 Chevy, ’40 LaSalle, or ’47 Chevy.  

When I got the message about his passing, I was numb.  My wife and I had just seen him a couple of weeks ago and he looked relaxed.  

He wasn’t a blood relative to me but he definitely felt like family.

Anyway, just wanted to say a word or two about it.  


~ by Aeroman76 on April 10, 2012.

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