A setback is defined as a “reversal or check in progress”.  And let me tell you, I’ve had a reversal in my momentum since last Thursday!  I went in for my weekly doctor visit to get checked for blood pressure, weight, etc. and as my name was getting called to go see him, I felt a very sharp pain as I stood up from the chair.  Oh, I knew that familiar feeling.  Once that pain is activated, it plagues me for days to come.  And sure enough, it has!  At this point, I am having issues putting on my socks right after getting out of bed.  It has consistently been hurting.  How can I describe the pain?  A FAST, SHARP, and STABBING feeling that brings a person down to their knees, literally.  Not to mention my mood.  The #1 reason I began the weight loss journey was to help fix my back but apparently, it hasn’t been doing the trick despite all the positive things from it.  I will say, however, that the last 3-4 weeks prior to this setback, had been the best I’ve had in almost 4 years.  With that, I’ve made an appointment to see a spine specialist at USC.  I have nothing to lose to get another opinion, besides the “You need to lose weight” message.  Could there be a new treatment out there for my condition?  For those that may not know, MRI’s have shown a desiccated L3/L4 disc (dried up) with annular tears.  There is about a 3.5mm protrusion into the area where the nerve roots travel down, however, there is no stenosis.  I don’t get leg pain at all which makes sense since my nerve roots are not compromised.  The last doctor to see me suggested I may have discogenic pain, which simply means that the source of pain is coming from the disc itself.  There are small nerve fibers that are around the disc and they may be getting irritated.  Anyway, here is a sample image of my MRI of the spine, side view:

You can see the “black disc”.  We’ll see what the doctor says on Monday, April 2nd.  As for the target 100-lb drop by Monday (April 2nd), it might be a stretch at this point (no pun intended).  I haven’t been getting my regular exercise due to the pain.  I have been pretty good with my low caloric intake, making sure I keep creating that deficit to lose weight.

I’m almost there.


~ by Aeroman76 on March 27, 2012.

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