The “Juan-Hundred”…Just Around the Corner!

Now that I think about it, I should have started a blog last summer when I started on my weight loss journey.  I guess I could have used it as a journal to chronicle how things were working out.  In the beginning, I weight in officially at 260lbs but what many family and friends don’t know is that I topped out at 278 lbs.  I am pretty ashamed to even admit it because I had let myself go in regards to my health.  I began seeing weight issues when I was in the 3rd/4th grade.  I didn’t really think it was a big issue because I was eating what I was told to eat.  For the most part, my mom cooked healthy meals.  The issue arose when I was going for 2nds and even 3rds at times.  In middle school, I was really plump and wore lose fitting sweats to feel comfortable and hide the fat.  However, when I entered into high school, I began getting fit.  I joined the ROTC program along with the marching band in my freshman year.  With PE and ROTC together, I was getting trim and feeling better.  ROTC added the physical activity that regular PE provided.  But even then, I was overweight for my height and age.  When I attended Cal Poly, SLO right out of high school, wow, the weight began to climb.  The infamous “Freshman 15” did not apply to me because I earned the “Freshman 25”.  I remember I entered Cal Poly with a waist 34” and weighing 185lbs.  After graduating, I ballooned up to 247lbs!  I had enjoyed the “eating, sleeping, and studying” lifestyle that eventually took a toll on my health.  Two months before graduating with an engineering degree, I experience dizziness for days.  I visited the campus doctor for the first time there and was told for the first time I had “high blood pressure”.  What?  Really?  At age 23 and already dealing with a disease like this?  No way!  I thought high blood pressure was for the elderly.  Nope!

After graduating college, I went to the gym with my uncle and I was able to shed off 25lbs.  I was still considered obese by the BMI index chart and felt good.  However, I still had issues with hypertension.  I figured blood pressure drugs was my answer despite the doctors telling me to lose weight.  After meeting Beatriz and getting married, I ballooned up again but to the 250’s!  I still had the bad habits I acquired from college of getting fast food (In-N-Out being one of my favorites).  I brought it home and eventually it affected Beatriz, my wife.  When we were dating, she was super active and eating healthy.  I, unfortunately, rubbed off my bad habit of eating bad and it affected her.

In 2008, I began having chronic low back pain.  After visiting numerous physicians (family physician, neurosurgeon, neurologist, interventional neuro-radiologist, physical therapist, and chiropractors), I received the same message from them:  LOSE WEIGHT.  After four MRI scans, the results show a “black disc” on the L3/L4 level.  Black means it is desiccated or “dried up”.  The docs believe the pain is actually originating from the disc itself since I don’t have stenosis which usually causes leg pain.

Fast forward to 2011, I started a new diet program (July 2011) which taught me specifically how calories affected my body weight and how exercising is a vital part of losing/maintaining weight.  These new habits have rubbed off to my wife in a positive way because I no longer bring fast food home like I used to.  Just with that, she has managed to lose a good amount of weight that I helped contribute in the past.  She fortunately did not gain the amount I did.  I am assisting her with my new lifestyle to help her meet her goals.  Presently, this is where I am at:

–          From 260lbs to 169lbs (goal is 160lbs)

–          From three Hypertension Drugs to 0

–          From Cholesterol Medication to 0 (Total Cholesterol went from 252 to 147)

–          Glucose from 94 to 74 (never had an issue with diabetes)

–          Waist from 44” to 34”

–          Snoring resolved

–          Heartburn resolved

–          Back pain is still present but has been feeling better the last three weeks.

Like I stated on an earlier post, I have dedicated this weight loss to my Aunt Teresa.  She passed away on April 2, 2007 and I was targeting the 100-lb drop by April 2, 2012.  I will accept where ever I arrive because I feel she has been with me every step of the way.  I know she would have been proud of me especially since she always took good care of herself.  Wow, it seemed like yesterday she was a lifeguard at the local YMCA teaching my brother and I how to swim.  Well, we’ll see what I weigh in on April 2nd in the morning.  At 91lbs down right now, I am pretty stoked already!  I’ll be implementing weight resistance training as well.  My friend Nick Guerrero has really done well with bulking up in a healthy way.  My other friends, Justin & Allison Mann, are also great role models who have shared healthy eating recipes and are successful pro-cycling individuals.

Here are my final thoughts with this weight loss:  I feel like a kid all over again 🙂


~ by Aeroman76 on March 20, 2012.

2 Responses to “The “Juan-Hundred”…Just Around the Corner!”

  1. Wow Juan! What a great story! I’m glad I’ve had the pleasure of seeing you in person every week as you’ve transformed into the healthy, thriving person you are today. Best of luck with meeting your goal by April 2nd. I look forward to getting a chat message soon telling me you made it!!! Congratulations on your tremendous success thus far!!!

    • Thanks Misty! I am making sure I stay focused! Making the April 2nd date might be a long shot but I figured eventually dropping the 100-lbs would be cool! Yes, let’s talk soon 🙂 Thanks again!

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