Hydraulic Cross Member Bridge

I had the opportunity to spin the frame around out of the garage and slide it under the body to check for clearance issues in the rear.  As expected, the hydraulic bridge, which is 7-inches in depth, is too big.  With the current set-up, the rear portion of the bridge will interfere with the bolt/hardware that holds the gas tank on the ’47 Chevy Fleetline.  What this means is I’d have to get my cutting torch and hack it off!  Boo!  No worries; I’d rather get it right the first time before cutting into the trunk of the car and mounting the body on the frame only to find out that the bridge would hit the rear seat AND the bolts holding the gas tank.  I’ve also decided to change from Red’s 1/2 ton coils to 250-lb coils for the rear.  This should provide a softer ride on the ’47.  I am debating about using shocks versus accumulators in the rear.  What do you think?


~ by Aeroman76 on February 27, 2012.

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