No More Facebook!

You read that right!  I have decided to lay completely off Facebook during the Lent season (~40 days).  During this time, I plan on focusing my efforts around the home and car projects.  I officially started yesterday on Ash Wednesday and didn’t have an issue not checking into it.

I found myself spending WAY TOO MUCH TIME on Facebook and basically not getting anything done.  After I got the Droid X phone last year, I have been living on the site.  I figured these next 40 days will serve a time to focus on my wife, weight loss, the ’47 Chevy project, and every thing else.  I figured after the 40 days, I would be able to log on to Facebook and check it occasionally instead of living on it.

So, my current weight loss in the month of February has been horrible.  I have either plateaued or gained a bit.  Many factors are to blame but the two obvious ones are my lack of caloric burn and adding in more calories than I used to.  I have these “Benefit Bars” I use to keep me from getting hungry but they are loaded with calories compared to the shakes I regularly drink.  So I am backing off those completely.  Also, since I am lighter in weight, I need to do more intense exercise or perform it longer to get the same amount of calories burned I used to when I was 260-lbs.  So, for example, I would burn 300-calories in 30 minutes when I was 260-lbs.  Now, I have to do the same exercise (walking) for 50-minutes to achieve the same 300 calories burned.  Writing my daily eating and exercise activity has been fundamental because I can predict how the week will be and improve on areas that need to be fixed.  I am targeting a total weight loss of 100-lbs by April 2, 2012.  That would mark the 5th anniversary of my Aunt Teresa’s death who was an advocate for good health.  The least I could do for her memory is better my health since I was the biggest guy in the family.  We’ll see what the next 5-weeks go!

More to come…



~ by Aeroman76 on February 24, 2012.

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