Molding and Casting Accessories

I ran into some old images of the Fulton Traffic Light Finders I produced a couple of years back!  The story behind this is when I had purchased an original Fulton viewer and it ended up cracking internally.  I ended up spending about 5-6 months in reproducing the piece with molding techniques I had learned over the years with scale modeling.  The first piece I made was this “Fulton Traffic Light Finder” which are used on vintage vehicles that utilized an exterior Fulton Visor.  Back in the day the traffic signal hung in the center of the intersection and  folks that drove their cars with an exterior visor found it difficult to see the traffic light. So, these prism-like plastic pieces were offered to aid in that issue.  They are originally clear but I found a way to add a pigment to give them a cooler look, matching the color of the vehicle.  Shown below are example of the colors I produced:

Custom Colors!


~ by Aeroman76 on January 21, 2012.

3 Responses to “Molding and Casting Accessories”

  1. Are you selling any of those viewfinders?

  2. Plz let me know if there available. Thanks

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