My friends, it’s great to be posting again and I am looking forward to a great and productive year!  I have a lot of projects down the pipeline such as getting my garage in order to get the molding/casting hobby going, restoring the 1947 Chevrolet Fleetline, and perhaps crank out a scale model. Yes, my current long commute to work doesn’t allow me as much time to do much “fun” stuff but I am certain if I plan ahead, I could accomplish a lot.

ChevyBombs.com continues to be an ongoing project of Eddie and I. We hope to see it grow even more this year in 2012. We were not able to host our annual CB BBQ because of our current life events. Eddie had moved back from Pennsylvania and I had started my new job in Irvine, CA.  Please look for updates to the site.

As for me, I have been working on my health, primarily my weight. I have managed to lose 77 lbs since June 2011!  My main strategy to that has been lower caloric intake and exercise. Yes, big secret huh. As engineer, this has been a numbers game with focusing on calories. I hope to reach my goal weight of 160lbs soon.  I will also keep you posted on that as well in the upcoming weeks.

I plan to be post my photographs soon.  I have been enjoying dSLR photography with the Canon EOS 7D.

Be well,



~ by Aeroman76 on January 16, 2012.

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