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I’m back! I’ll be sharing molding work soon. A lot of projects down the pipeline.


Wow, Where Have I Been?

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Yeah, it’s only been a couple of months and I disappeared off the face of the Earth eh!

Well, I managed to reach my goal weight of 160-lbs on May 19, 2012 which was about 10-months in the making.  I have been striving to maintain my weight now between 160 – 165lbs.  I have been enjoying “comfort foods” at a minimum focusing my efforts on fruits, vegetables, and lean meats (fish, chicken, turkey).  So this is what I look like before and after:



I also have to keep my activity level on the up & up to make sure I maintain a decent caloric budget.  I feel great, younger, more energy, sleep better, and fit better into clothes.  I tell people that losing weight is the easy part – maintaining it is another story!


Be well my friends and family!  Thanks for your support.


Getting a good idea…

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slow and low

Bombs United Car Show – San Jose, CA – April 28, 2012

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Here are some images I took at the show:

Bad News

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My childhood friend’s (Eddie) dad passed away yesterday after being recently diagnosed with cancer.  Please include his dad (Epifanio Alvarez) in your thoughts and prayers.

As some of you know, Eddie and I go way back.  I was a year old when my parents bought their first house next door to Eddie and his family.  I grew up admiring the metal work Eddie’s dad did (he was a skilled welder).  We lived next door for about 17-years so they were our 2nd family.  He and the family would always come over to our birthday parties and we had a blast.  He used to give us rides to school and was always cool.  Later in the years, when we learned to drive, I would pull up with an old car and he would check it out.  I knew he had an appreciation for old American cars (he owned an old International wagon) and it was great to talk to him about the ’51 Chevy, ’40 LaSalle, or ’47 Chevy.  

When I got the message about his passing, I was numb.  My wife and I had just seen him a couple of weeks ago and he looked relaxed.  

He wasn’t a blood relative to me but he definitely felt like family.

Anyway, just wanted to say a word or two about it.  

Before and After ( ~ 9 Months)

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I’ll let the image speak for itself

How I Miss You Aunt Teresa…Let Me Count The Days…

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On April 2nd, 2007, I received a call from my mom at about 1am.  She had called to notify me that my Aunt Teresa, who had battled breast cancer for 7 years, had passed away.  I laid there in bed, numb…just numb.  One of my favorite people in my life had just died at a young age of 45.  How can this be?  Why her?  Why does this happen to good people?

A couple of days before on Friday, March 30th, Beatriz and I were sitting around the dinner table.  My aunt had already been in the hospital for over a week and for some reason, I stopped eating, told Beatriz out of the blue I wanted to see my aunt, NOW.  We both didn’t hesitate to get our stuff and make the hour trip to La Jolla to visit her. I saw a lot of my family in the waiting room and quickly said hello.  We went up to see her in her room where she was hooked up to all sorts of machines.  Beatriz and I prayed over her and I remember telling her I loved her.  She replied back, with her eyes still closed that she loved me too.  We walked out and I couldn’t help but break down.  Here was my aunt, a respected Escondido Police Officer and loved family member in pain.  Who would have known that in a couple of days after that brief dialogue I had with my aunt, she would leave us to go home with the Lord?

Oh wow, the memories I had spending time with her.  She was very beautiful and her smile could easily light up a dark room.  A very lively, goal-oriented woman with a passion to help others.  She devoted her work to help juveniles who were in trouble, especially youth who were being abused.

I remember when she would stop by our home when I was a kid.  Mom would tell me, “Va venir Tere” (Aunt Teresa will be coming) and boy, would I get all excited.  I made sure I prepared the latest report card or school project to show her because she always encouraged us to do good and congratulated us on our hard work. She sincerely cared.  She sincerely loved every single one of us. And she is sincerely missed.

I have devoted my last 9 months to take better care of myself in her honor.  She was a YMCA Lifeguard and was very active.  She took great care of herself and I figured if God is still giving me life, why am I ruining it by not taking care of myself?  I was hoping to arrive to the 100-lb drop by tomorrow, April 2nd but, unfortunately, I have been met with some setbacks with my lower back.  I do have to state that at 93-lbs down, I was VERY close!!!  I had promised my friends on Facebook that I would be off Facebook during the Lent season.  I have about a week left and maybe I can get even closer to the 100-lb drop.  At 100-lbs down, that would put me at a healthy 160-lb body weight. I promised them I would post a before and after picture after I return to Facebook. We’ll see how that looks, hahaha!

Anyway, I hope this week brings hope and relief with my lower back.  I see a spine specialist on Wednesday at USC.  I am praying to God that the doctor gives me some treatment options because four years into this has really worn me down!

To wrap it up tonight, I wanted to post an image of my aunt.  Five years certainly feels like yesterday and I miss her a lot!  Love you Tía Tere!